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MX Guard Dog   no comments

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I’m looking to use MX Guard Dog to stop spam on all the domains I use and manage. The service is free if you place a text link on your web site.

Here is my link to allow me to use the service for one mailbox on this domain. spam free

Written by Richard on August 21st, 2014

Upgrading PC Memory – Using Crucial Memory Scanner   no comments

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486sx Upgrading PC Memory   Using Crucial Memory ScannerI remember buying my first PC or IBM compatible 486 SX 25 with 1MB of RAM. It ran well but needed some more memory to be able to run Doom a bit better. The choice for memory upgrades back them was very limited. I ended up buy a 4MB memory module for £265 and the supplier wouldn’t guarantee it would work in my system. Luckily it did and Doom ran really well. I even had enough memory to be able to upgrade to Windows 95.

Thankfully, these days, upgrading your computer’s system memory has never been so easy, especially with web sites like Crucial. Crucial not only have a range of memory for 1000′s of different PC make and models, they offer an on-line scanning tool which tells you how much memory your system currently has and what your upgrade options are. They also guarantee the memory will work in your system or your money back.

crucialmemory Upgrading PC Memory   Using Crucial Memory Scanner

System Scanner

Their system scanner currently only supports Windows based PCs so if you have an Apple or Linux based PC you’ll have to use the manual selection boxes to pick your exact model. If you do have Windows give the memory scanner a try and see if you can speed up your PC at a very reasonable price.

Prices for current memory types are around £10 per GB at the moment. But prices for faster and older memory are higher.

With free delivery why not scan your memory here.

Written by Richard on November 21st, 2011

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