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How Much Does Google Know About You?   no comments

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google watching you 251x300 How Much Does Google Know About You?Every wondered how much Google actually knows about you? With a massive array of websites offering different solutions from searching to credit card processing, document editing to email and calendars, it’s surprising how much information Google has on you.

If you have any account, like: GMail, iGoogle, Analytics, AdWords, Google Docs and you keep your web browser logged in to this account all day, the chances are Google knows even more about you.

A good way to find out how much they do know is to log into your Google account and then go to the Google Dashboard. This page shows each service you’ve used along with the information they have on you, it makes interesting reading.

The dashboard is worth reviewing every now and then to see who knows what about you. For example, there’s a section about other sites that have permission to access your Google account information. I noticed that Digg had access to my contacts, not that I store many contacts in there but if I did who knows what they would do with my email list. I removed access because I couldn’t remember why they wanted it.

Written by Richard on January 12th, 2011

WHMCS to CentralNIC domain lookup fixed   no comments

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kiriix logo master 600 300x300 WHMCS to CentralNIC domain lookup fixedMy company has recently become a registrar with CentralNIC and can now offer domain extensions like,,,, This caused an interesting problem with our web hosting management system, WHMCS. Looking at some other hosting company websites that use WHMCS is seems to be a common problem.

What happens is, when you request the domain availability it always returns as though it’s already registered. This could be a serious barrier to selling these third level domains via WHMCS.

After some searching on WHMCS’ forum we found nothing much at all.  A ticket raised with CentralNIC didn’t help either, they told us to see WHMCS.

Finally we found what the problem was… There is a mismatch between the response given by CentralNIC’s whois server and that expected by WHMCS.

The solution is to edit a file in your WHMCS installation: /includes/whoisservers.php search for ‘centralnic’ and replace the text after the last pipe sign |. Change the text from ‘No match for’ to ‘DOMAIN NOT FOUND’. Do this for every line containing ‘centralnic’.

Save the file and try your domain availability checker again, hey presto!!

This doesn’t allow the domain to be registered automatically like with other registrars but it will produce correct availability lookups.

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Update: This is the domain name price list for the new hosting site

Written by Richard on January 7th, 2011

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