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This is my new blog so I need to add a ‘first post’.

I thought I’d mention the fact that I’ve recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit from Windows Vista. Will this get me into more trouble than if I shelled out the £100+ to upgrade to Windows 7. I personally refuse to pay it when the version of Windows I had was so unfit for purpose, I should have got a free upgrade with my laptop being less than 12 months old. So I’ve made the leap…

So far I’ve managed to get wireless networking, ATI graphics drivers, bluetooth, sound and web cam working. I am struggling to get Skype and SQLYog to work but I think it’s due to using the 64 bit version rather than the better supported 32 bit version. I think they both use WINE but that doesn’t seem to want to work.

Anyway, I’m already seeing an increase in productivity not having to wait while my operating system says, ‘wait a minute I’m just doing something else’. Ubuntu just does things when I ask it to. Of course Firefox takes a while to load but it did that on Vista.

I’ll see what the next few months of hammer do to Ubuntu, since most systems run pretty well after the first few days.

Written by Richard on January 12th, 2010

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